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Main Steps to Craft an Essay for Graduate School

Students are required to write an essay as part of their coursework throughout the learning process. It is an essay that tells the reader a specific story. From a scientific point of view, it is mainly used to pitch students to debate with the concepts and results of research.

Different institutions have their own guidelines for writing essay assignments. However, a basic essay can only be selected after proper research, and there is a specific format that a student needs to follow to ensure he or she achieves the desired goal.

Writing the Perfect Outline for Your Essay

A brief outline is necessary before writing the main section. This is because the outline acts as a guide for the whole writing process. Any mistakes that are made while planning the introduction and conclusion will be spotted during the writing process. Therefore, to avoid making any mistakes, it is crucial to stick to the outline.

Doing a background check for your Paper

A common mistake most understudies make is not researching the topic. Most students simply choose a subject they are bored with at the beginning. They often forget about the importance of the study and forget that it is just a different study with different findings and conclusions. A detailed background check gives you a hint of what to expect if you carry out a detailed analysis of the topic.

Begin with Drafting Questions

The questions you pose will form the basis of the essay. These questions will determine the approach and structure of the final paper. Knowing what to draft will help you decide on a thesis and which arguments you will use to convince the reader to see that your essay is worth reading. Below are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before starting the writing process:

  • What do I want to answer?
  • Is there a particular concept that I need to solve?
  • What are the arguments that will support my thesis?
  • Are there any counterarguments to my argument?

Research for Answers

Do a detailed analysis of the topic. Read journals, magazines and even newspapers. It will help you gather your points and information to craft an argument and conclude. You have to set a goal for yourself, but the aim is to argue and bring out your ideas.

Write Your Introduction

This is the step where it all comes to a close. At this point, you have to decide whether to stay with the topic or go somewhere else. The introduction is essential because it sets the tone for the rest of the writing process.

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